Equal Opportunities Policy

Statement of Intent

The Solway Sinfonia acknowledges the existence of discrimination in society. 

It is our intention to eliminate discriminatory practices to the best of our ability and to treat all persons equally. This includes discrimination along lines of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, disability, age, employment status and class.


The policy applies to all those involved with the Solway Sinfonia in whatever capacity.  They all have a responsibility to implement this policy by behaving in an anti-discriminatory way.

The committee will be responsible for resolving any issues arising in the event of a breach of this policy.


In addition to a general ethos of awareness and avoidance of potential discrimination, we will undertake to adopt the following policies:

  • to endeavour to select concert and rehearsal venues that are more accessible to those with disabilities;
  • to provide our publicity material in formats appropriate to various needs when requested;
  • to offer concessionary rates to financially disadvantaged groups in society;
  • to encourage broad representation from different groups on the committee;
  • to publicise the existence of this policy to all involved with the Solway Sinfonia;
  • to adhere to all legislation relevant to potential discrimination including The Sex Discrimination Act (1975;1986), The Race Relations Act (1976), and The Disability Discrimination Act (1995);
  • to monitor the implementation of this policy at regular intervals;
  • to review our equal opportunities policy at regular intervals.

Action Plan

Responsibility for the implementation of the following measures lies with all members of the committee:

  • discuss and publicise the Equal Opportunities Policy at the Annual General Meeting;
  • consider how representative the membership of our committee is;
  • consider further how we can improve our recruitment of young musicians and those from poorly represented groups in society;
  • endeavour to ensure that all venues for concerts and rehearsals comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (1995);
  • ensure that availability of disabled access is publicised for all events;
  • respond promptly to any request for publicity material in various formats;
  • offer concessionary rates for tickets to financially disadvantaged groups in society;
  • review the implementation of this Action Plan after six months;
  • review the Equal Opportunities Policy at three yearly intervals.